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Title Homepage does not log in, only the login window appears repeatedly.
Posted by MLsoft (ip:)
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  • Date 2020-12-04 17:10:25
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Hello, this is MLSoft .

If you log in normally from another PC, but you cannot log in from a specific PC and only the first login screen appears, there is a problem with the Internet option settings . Please check the following information .

-In the case of Internet Explorer-

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Select [Tools]-[Internet Options] at the top. (You can also go to the gear icon-Internet options.)

3. Click the'Delete' button in the'Search History' item in the [General] tab.

4. Go to the [Security] tab and set the security level to be applied to the Internet to'Medium'.

5. Move to the [Personal Information] tab and click the'Advanced' button in the'Settings' item. Select'Cookies from current site' and'Cookies from linked sites' as'Allow'.

6. After moving to the [Contents] tab, click the'Settings' button in the'Auto-Complete' item, check the'User name and password to be used in the form', click the'Delete Auto-Complete Records' button, and click'OK' Press.

7. After closing all running Internet Explorer, you can log in normally by accessing the https://saasmlsoft.com/ homepage again.  

8. After logging in, go to the [Security] tab in [Tools]-[Internet Options] in the Internet Explorer option window and click the'Basic Level' button in the'Security level to apply to this area'. (Since security problems may occur, it is recommended to change to the'basic level'.)

-In the case of Chrome-

1. Launch Chrome.

2.  Enter chrome://history in the address bar and connect to the Chrome visit history window. (You can also go to Menu-Visit History.) 

3. Click'Delete Internet Usage Record' on the left , check'Cookies, other sites and plug-in data' and'Cached image or file', and click the'Delete Internet Usage Record' button.   

4.   Enterchrome://settingsand connect to the chrome setting window.  (You can also go to Menu-Settings.)

5. Click'Personal Information and Security' on the left . 

6. After clicking Site Settings, click'Cookies and other site data' on the permission side, and check that the'Allow cookies to store and read cookie data from this site' side is set to'On' .  

7. You can log in normally if you reconnect to the homepage after closing all running chrome windows.

* We recommend using Explorer 11 or higher for smooth purchase. Please note this.

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