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Tgate SDP

Software Defined Perimeter

Work anytime anywhere
with Open SDP Security System

The need for new security solutions

Existing in-house network security has limitations.

Security threats exist everywhere, not just in the corporate network, but also in the cloud.

The existing network-based security solutions based on the internal network use a layered security system in each element, in order to strengthen the security, it is necessary to block the source network through network separation, and the 'security cost' is increasing day by day.

For IT services in the business cloud environment using AI and BigData, existing security devices have limitations.

Tgate SDP Cloud  
Tgate SDP Trust  

Zero Trust Network

Work safely outside the company!

Zero Trust Network has a security theory that'you must re-identify to access the system' under the premise that "everywhere is dangerous, no one should trust anyone without proper authentication," regardless of inside or outside the company.

Tgate SDP is a Zero Trust Network security solution designed around user identity to improve the limitations of traditional network-centric security at a time when business boundaries are blurring as technology advances. In addition, the world's first SDP and NAC combined product for realize 'Black Cloud'.

Safe and free network

The answer is Tgate SDP

Tgate SDP  

Provide strong security service

Users are not network-based, so they can access approved applications without IP exposure.

Free business

The limitations of space and network infrastructure disappear, and the area that was blocked by the limitations of security expands, making the dream of a more advanced business.

Cost Reduction

The leased line becomes unnecessary, and the additional cost of additional network infrastructure can be significantly reduced.

Flexible Service Coordination

Service targets and privileges can be flexibly and finely adjusted, and connections and disconnections can be easily managed.

Support Broad Risk-based Policy

Make access decisions based on a variety of risk criteria, including threat intelligence, malware outbreaks, and new software.

Support Agent Development

It is easy to develop apps by providing SDK.

Service Configuration

Tgate SDP 서비스 구성도  

Gateway system requirements

Tgate SDP 스펙